How we’re supporting good causes on #GivingTuesday December 3, 2013

The second annual #Giving Tuesday™, the brainchild of New York’s 92Y, happens on Tuesday, December 3. It’s a national day to think of others, consider it the third shopping leg after Black Friday and CyberMonday. And frankly, it’s the shopping day most aligned to the spirit of the holiday season.  If you’re a nonprofit, please participate and benefit from the generosity of #GivingTuesday. Here’s a FAQ on how The Breaking News Network will contribute to the nonprofits and their retail partners on Giving Tuesday.#GivingTuesday

Why is The Breaking News Network a #GivingTuesday partner?

#GivingTuesday is all about strengthening the community by celebrating good causes as the holiday season kicks off. As the only national media network devoted solely to community service and social change, The Breaking News Network is well placed to support every local and national #GivingTuesday Partner across our 350 city network, including overseas in the UK, Australia/NZ and India.

What is The Breaking News Network planning for #GivingTuesday?

As media, The Breaking News Network is creating awareness for the #GivingTuesday movement with continuous coverage of the latest news and developments around #GivingTuesday across 350 cities to 400,000 localized readers. In addition, The Breaking News Network will leverage the social media to automatically retweet and post updates of #GivingTuesday partners in the cities they are in. We call this our Media Amplification Program, and all nonprofits are welcome to sign up and get authorized. Example below:

When Boulder based Together with the Children @TWCamerica tweets using the #Boulder hashtag

When Boulder based Together with the Children @TWCamerica tweets using a special city hashtag


Our city feed @BoulderCONews retweets @TWCAmerica to its 1,200 followers

Our city feed @BoulderCONews retweets @TWCAmerica to its 1,200 followers (once they are authorized by us)

What are you doing to get your fans involved in #Giving Tuesday?

The Breaking News Network has established a loyal national following simply by curating and delivering in real time the most interesting media and blog articles in 350 cities with no ads. Our main mission is to give voice to the civic groups, arts organizations and good causes in all of our cities. We have over 2,000 contributors nationally whose messages we amplify as a community service, and we will add as many of the partners of #GivingTuesday so they can get their word out.

In sum, we will continually broadcast breaking social news about #GivingTuesday on a national level across our 300 cities, as well as at the local level. We hope to not only build national awareness, but more importantly support #GivingTuesday partners’ efforts to get their communities to make contributions to great causes.

We'll publicize breaking news about #GivingTuesday at the city level

We’ll publicize breaking news about #GivingTuesday at the national and the city level

What is the larger picture for #GivingTuesday?

It’s building word of mouth advocacy for nonprofits down to the granular level (and word of mouth is most potent for fundraising at the local level). By providing localized media access to all #GivingTuesday participants, we are in effect creating a national advocate network for #GivingTuesday that can be cumulatively leveraged every holiday season. Going forward, this national advocate network of nonprofits and their retail partners will have the power to support other nonprofit initiatives like #GivingTuesday. We’re already building advocate networks for social change nonprofits like, and we wholeheartedly want to support nonprofits (and their retail partners) in becoming sustainable.

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