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Est. 2009, curating the best media and blog feeds in 400 cities worldwide, devoted to social impact

The Breaking News Network (“BNN”) is the largest non-commercial hyperlocal news network in the world, ticker taping news in real time 24×7 across 400 cities. Not only do we curate the most interesting media and blog feeds in each city (avoiding car crashes, fires and petty crime) , we focus on making it simple for over 7,000 community newsmakers – mayors, civic groups, arts organizations, and good causes – to broadcast local news and events through our 400 city feeds.
Since launching in 2009, the BNN has adhered to a no-advertising policy. We don’t believe local advertising is a viable business model, and the act of selling ads to the community creates friction. Instead, we gift the social capital of media access to the community and its organizations, and nurture the local good will associated with our public service approach.

How the BNN Supports Communities

Leveraging the BNN to Support Crowdfunding for Social Impact

The BNN supports fundraising for social impact, on both national and local levels, via BNN Funding. Through BNN Funding, local nonprofits and social entrepreneurs can crowdfund with local marketing support fee free. For national nonprofits and social movements, we have proven we can massively market crowdfunding campaigns by exposing them across 400 cities and building a support network of advocates to reach backers at local levels.


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